Dieser Kurs kann jederzeit als Firmenkurs sowie als Privatkurs durchgeführt werden.


Microsoft Project Advanced
Microsoft Project 2013/2016 advanced knowledge
Organizationally as well as technically demanding aims for the change and development of organisations, systems and products are dealed with projects. Projects are subject to raised attention of numerous partners and affected persons by definition. Because projects are demanding and relevant resources (financially and personnel) are used, the project success is in the foreground for principals, management and numerous stakeholders. With Microsoft Project projects can be planned clearly and efficiently as well as necessary correction measures can be initiated and their effectiveness be measured. Microsoft Project is de facto the standard tool for Project Management- independent of the industry or the project type. Because of the immense mass of functions the training focuses on learning and transferring the most efficient and most recommended features into real life. This ZFI course is directed at all people who already dispose of experience with Microsoft Project and deepen her knowledge and want to extend. Because the range of bad plannings causes high costs, the control of the used project management tool is indispensable. Training Goals:
  • Mastering Microsoft Project's resource and cost management
  • be able to master the tracking features of Microsoft Project
  • knowing about the possibilities of the advanced customizing
  • ability to support users in your organisation
  • transfer of lessons learned to your own project

Ihr Nutzen

In the advanced training you receive a practical and in particular very much detailed insight into specific ranges of applications and into the software adaption. Already during the seminar you can begin with the conversion of own questions and take this to your job. You profit from the knowhow and the trainer's experience and competency (20 years) in consulting, coaching and training. They are also here for you after the seminar has finished.


Good knowledge in Microsoft Project basic features (participation in the basic course or equivalent knowledge) and project management.


No standard Seminar.


The expenses are strictly net. The ZFI is (according to the VAT-law) not liable to VAT and does not claim VAT.


  • short repetition of the basic features
  • extended use of the resource and cost management
  • advanced reports and layouts
  • definition of forms, menus, custom fields and toolbars
  • macros (Visual Basic for applications)
  • questions and answers in the field of tool support
  • case studies and experience exchange
  • project tracking and controlling (baseline, progress, evaluation)
  • Outlook: Project Server and Web Access (Enterprise Resource Management)